Split-Type 24-hour TAT Campaign Mechanics

by Sharp Philippines



24 hrs logo_FA-05
1. The 24 Hours Turnaround Time campaign is only applicable for SHARP Split-Type Air Conditioner units.
2. The 24 Hours TAT is a RESPONSE TIME commitment and will only take place from the day the Split-Type unit was delivered to the customer’s residence.
3. The 24 Hours TAT is only applicable for B2C (Dealer Sales) and Residential applications.
4. The initial run of the campaign will first cover the areas under the following CSD Branches: CSD Alabang, CSD Quezon City, and CSD Cavite. More areas will be announced soon.
5. Standard Rate, Inclusions, and Exclusions for Sharp Split-Type Air Conditioner unit installation will be applied.
6. For other inquiries, call Sharp Philippines through this hotline: (02) 842 - 7777.

*Disclaimer: For unit installation without advance Technical Site Survey and found unit UNDER CAPACITY, an Acknowledgement Letter must be signed first by the customer if the unit installation is requested. 
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