SPC Environmental Education Among Young Children

by Sharp Philippines



SPC continued its advocacy to provide environmental education among young children. This year, SPC’s recipients are 75 students from grade 4 and 5 of Buli Elementary School last March 23, 2018. Environmental Education empowers students to lead the way in creating greener and healthier learning environments inside and outside their school. Children attitude towards the environment start developing at an early age and once formed do not change easily. A child can influence adults to take up more environmental practices without even knowing it.

Buli Elementary School has 1,529 registered learners. The school is situated next to a cemetery. But unfortunately, a part of the school was hit by a fault line. The two first buildings that are being built have been broken down to make the students safe. A larger and more durable building has been replaced for 1,529 students in the current school year.

Young children are effective agents of change and they are also most vulnerable to climate change. Empowering and educating them will lead them to become future conservation leaders.


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