Sing your Stress with Sharp’s SAMM

by Sharp Philippines



We all think of stress as a normal part of life. It seems away the idea of being stressed out is a part of working life that we just deal with it, no questions asked. But stress, if unchecked, can turn psychosomatic and may lead to actual physical risks.

There are many ways to manage stress. Going to the gym, running, or any form of exercise are great ways of dealing with stress because doing anything physical releases endorphins. Bonding with friends over coffee or a movie can also be a welcome change of pace, as it allows you to make time for the important people in your life. There are other ways of course, but the key is simply to be mindful of stress, and not to let the mind drift back to work when one should be relaxing.


Jam with SAMM

While all these ways of relieving stress are well and good, perhaps you’re not aware that simply singing at the top of your lungs can help you relax. Yes, your favorite pastime is also a great stress reliever. So, next time someone catches you singing on your own, you can simply tell them that it’s your own form of stress therapy.

Or better yet, gather all your family and friends and turn your stress therapy into a party. Everyone loves a good videoke party. Turn an ordinary day of relaxation into a singing extravaganza with your own SAMM at home.

Jam with SAMM


Sharp Active Multimedia System

SAMM, or Sharp Active Multimedia is an all-in-one entertainment system developed by Sharp to provide total musical entertainment. This unique multimedia system comes with a LED monitor (in 19” or 32”), a three-speaker system with 20000W of Peak Music Power Output, a videoke system with TV tuner, 2 microphone input jacks, and multimedia player that can play music, movies or even show pictures. SAMM is also equipped with 1,200 fully licensed songs. Sharp also offers a flash drive exclusively for SAMM, which contains an additional 1,000 songs. That’s more than 2,000 songs to choose from!

With SAMM, Sharp Philippines hopes to make the lives of Filipinos more comfortable and stress-free. 



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