Sharp Stories: Andree Lagdameo, an Exceptional Homemaker

by Sharp Philippines



Andree Lagdameo is a firm believer of practicality. With that belief shaping her household—from the antique finds that surround her home down to her organic and natural cleaning methods—it’s no wonder she only trusts a product that shares her ideal of maximizing resources.  With the help of Sharp ES- S701X Fuzzy Control Fully Automatic Washing Machine, laundry days are always consistently performed with care and efficiency


Certified Sharp Homemaker

Even with her constant use of the machine mainly for heavy and thick fabrics like denim and towels, the Sharp Fuzzy Control Fully Automatic Washing Machine, still in tip-top shape, has never faltered in delivering good and convenient laundry for her home in 16 years.

Andree has truly taken great care of her Sharp washing machine—what with her meticulous and unmatched household standards. But she believes that to know a brand’s worth, it’s still up to its product’s performance. With Sharp, she was evidently satisfied!


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“For it to last this long [16 years], it only proves that this [Sharp Fuzzy Control Fully Automatic Washing Machine] is a quality product.” she says.


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Because of the Sharp washing machine’s quality offering, Andree has never even once thought of replacing it. Do you have any Sharp Stories like Andree's? Share it with us!

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