This is a word that Sharp Philippines Corporation does not take lightly. For SPC, excellence is not just an abstract idea but an embodiment of every product it offers. Established as a joint venture in 1982 between Pilipinas Development Corporation and Japan’s Sharp Corporation, SPC is relatively young and yet already has many major achievements. Indeed, PC is one of the most trusted brands in the Philippines, besting even some of the most established competitions in the country.



SPC prides itself on setting goals and exceeding them. During its tenth year as a joint venture operation, it emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of electronics and home appliances in the field, and on its eleventh, it became the first of its kind in the Philippines to be granted the ISO 9002 certification for its quality systems by the British Standards Institute. SPC was also certified with an ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System) by the same certifying body. Today, SPC carries the same goal – to be ahead of its competition by bringing out only the best.


SPC works towards gaining and keeping the trust of the millions of Filipinos, both young and old, through quality products and constant innovation. Its main product categories are video, audio, and home appliances, and along with its core offerings, SPC continuously adds more products and models to its roster, making sure that each product is tailored to the needs of the Filipino consumer.


General Divisions

Business Administration and Marketing
Sales Trade Marketing Management
Finance and Administration


Service Counters

23 Nationwide


Recognition Form

SIRIM QAS International Sdn.
Bhd. – Malaysia


Main Products Marketed

Color Television
Washing Machine
Air Purifier/ Ion Generator
Air Conditioner
Microwave Oven
Home Theater / DVD Player
Karaoke / Stereo System
Solar Panel


Safety Organizations

Thai Industrial Standards Institute
(TISI) – Thailand
Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) – Saudi Arabia
Bureau Veritas – Jordan
Singapore Consumer Protection
(SPRING) – Singapore
Bureau of Product Standards (PNS) –


ISO Certifications

Anglo Japanese American Registrars Inc. (AJA) ISO9001 and ISO14001